I edit and direct inspirational documentary and brand content across commercials, branded, corporate, adventure films, music videos as well as YouTube and IGTV.
I am driven to create authentic and inspirational films with meaning at their heart, films that can do a small or big bit to make this world a better place. Some of my personal highlights over the last few years include:
A film about the holocaust told as an original music video, a powerful human story called ‘She Trades’ to mark International Women’s Day and an impactful Nike film about a young South African who is breaking down sporting barriers. I love researching, meeting, listening, filming, editing and sharing incredible stories that I believe will inform, educate and inspire audiences.
My style is visual and energetic. I like to explore new ways of storytelling using a textural and experimental approach, seeking out original and unconventional choices of lenses, music or editing techniques. If you’re looking for someone to bring a unique emotion and energy to your brand, then don’t hesitate to drop me an email or DM. If I’m slow to respond then I’m probably out shooting, or deep in an edit, or sniffing out the next story, movement or campaign.
Behind the Scenes